Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online safe shopping

Few days ago I shared a post on Kitchen Appliances Online Shopping Tips. In that post I discussed some general tips on shopping online.

However, in this post I want to share tips which are helpful for safer online shopping. You always need to pay with your credit card or PayPal account. So, with proper security tips, you’ll have nice and safe shopping experience which you can continue shop online for your kitchen essentials. We always hear about cyber activities which makes threat for others such as stolen credit cards etc. So, with these tips you can prevent such actions and stay safe when you pay with your credit card.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Use an email address which is dedicated for your shopping

By using a dedicated email address only for your online shopping, you reduce the risk of opening spam emails which can redirect you to malicious sites. When you use a dedicated email address, you know which sales offers or promotions are from the sites which you usually shop. So, you can only open such trusted emails and stay in safe side.

Protect your online passwords

You can use a password manager to organize and protect your passwords if you use multiple accounts and passwords. This will ensure that no one can reach or steal your passwords.

Beware of using public Wi-Fi

There are security threats when you use public Wi-Fi networks for access internet. There may have cyber attackers who can steal your personal information including passwords. So, if you do online shopping, it is always worth and safe to use your personal PC or device.

Dedicate a computer to online banking and shopping

Nowadays there are many devices for same family which includes desktops, laptops and tabs. So, try to dedicate one device for your online shopping and keep it clean from virus and malware.

I hope these tips are helpful for you for safe online shopping. If you have more tips, please share with us.