How to buy Kokis Mould

Kokis is one of the traditional sweets in Sri Lanka and it is one of the easiest to make Sri Lankan sweets. Now, April New Year is around the corner, I am sure you are looking for recipes for cooking sweets to celebrate the New Year. If you are a Sri Lankan, then you know that New Year table is not completed if there is no any Kavum, Kokis or any other traditional sweets. How to buy Kokis Mould How to buy Kokis Mold?

To make Kokis, you need a kokis mould. If you live in Sri Lanka, buying a kokis achchu or kokis mould is a simple task. Simply visit nearby shop which sells kitchen gadgets or even you can buy these kokis moulds in weekly markets. There are many shops which sells Kokis moulds. But, if you live in another country, but still you want to buy kokis achchu in order to taste this delicious Sri Lankan sweet, how do you buy? Let me share few options because this is one of the problems I faced when I wanted to cook kokis in my Singapore kitchen. On the other way this is a question which I answered for many others through emails. In Singapore,I found a similar sweet which is called ‘Bee Hive biscuits’ or ‘Honey Comb Biscuits’. To cook this you need a mould which is similar to kokis mould. I bought a Honey Comb mould, but there is a problem with handle. As there is no specific handle for the mould I bought, I faced the problem of getting it heated while cooking kokis. But, if you find a Chinese store nearby, you can check for this type of mould and it is a good alternative. In Indian cooking there is a snack called ‘Achchu Murukku’ and the mold is exactly same as our ‘Kokis mould’. So, check Indian Grocery stores/shops for options of buying this mould.

How to buy Kokis Mould

Kokis Mould

How to buy Kokis achchu online? Buy 7-Piece Cast-Aluminum Rosette/Timbale Set

The 3rd option is buying online. Do you know there is a similar snack called rosettes or rosette cookies which is a traditional food in Scandinavia, Spain and Northern Europe? These rosette cookies are similar to Kokis and there is a rosette cookies mould involves in cooking process too. You can buy rosette iron set and enjoy making kokis, in Sri Lankan style. With these options, I hope you will be able to cook delicious kokis for this April New Year.