How to Buy String Hopper Mould

Indi appa is another Sri Lankan delicious dish which any Sri Lankan cannot resist.  If you are in Sri Lanka, it is easy to buy or even it is easy to make it at home. However, when residing in another country makes us missing our delicious food so much! That happened to me too. Food Corner recipe blog is a result of that if you read the about page.

So, when you don’t have a mould for indi appa, how to cook it? You cannot!

So, you want to buy indiappa mould or string hoppers mould. In your country of residence, if there is an Indian shop, check for idiyappam press. If they have, you will win! But it and cook delicious indi appa at home.

If not?

Then you can buy string hopper mould or idiyappam press online.

Which Indiyappam maker is the best?

Here is my experience. At home I have 2 string hopper makers. One is bought from Sri Lanka. The other is bought from Singapore.

How to Buy indi appa Mould
indi appa mould

The second is actually a Murukku maker, but for me it is really easy to press. I don’t need much energy to press string hoppers with this mould. So, my recommendation is , buy string hoppers mould which is similar to murukku press. You can use the plate with tiniest holes to make indi appa. If you make murukku, then there are other disk templates too.

How to Buy String Hopper Mould
Buy String Hopper Mould

Features of this String Hopper mould /Idiyappam press/Indi appa mould

  • Made of Brass and made in India
  • It comes with 6 different disc templates
  • You can use it for idiyappam, murukku or even for making pasta/ Vietnamese Bun rice noodles

Above is a recommendation for you to buy indi appa mould if you do not have in the country of residence. Hope with a mould, you’ll be able to taste your best Sri Lankan dish ever!

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