Thank you for visiting iFood Corner. Actually iFood Corner is a sister site of the popular Sri Lankan recipe blog Food Corner. When I started writing Food Corner few years ago, most of readers asked me about buying Sri Lankan cooking utensils in other countries.

Usually there are few traditional cooking utensils in any Sri Lankan kitchen if you really enjoy cooking Sri Lankan meals at home. Kokis achchu, Idiyappam press or Indi Appa mould are some of the must have items in any Sri Lankan kitchen. But, when you live in another country and when you can’t find these kitchen utensils in a local store, the best option is to buy those from Sri Lanka.

Otherwise, there are online stores such as Amazon which sells similar or alternative kitchen gadgets which can be used in any Sri Lankan cooking.

Usually I receive emails asking where to buy specific kitchen utensils and sometimes it is about Sri Lankan spices and ingredients. To facilitate such quarries,I started this blog and here I will  share details about buying Sri Lankan gadgets online. Not only for Sri Lankans, these information may helpful for Indian kitchens too as most of the cooking are similar in both cuisines.

Hope you will be happy with this site. Please contact me any time for suggestions.

Amila Wickramarachchi

Founder – Food Corner (http://foodcnr.com/)